Centrelink payments can be a bit of a controversial topic and benefit with some people looking down on those who are receiving Centrelink Payments with the commonly used term “dole bludgers”. But for those who are in genuine need, Centrelink Payments can be a fortnightly God send!

“What ever the reason some one is being paid Centrelink Payments…”

Like all things, there are going to be those who abuse certain privileges which is unfortunate but Centrelink Payments are entitled to those who have been made redundant, lost their employment or for those who have left their jobs, but in the later case, there is a certain term one must wait until they are able to obtain Centrelink Payments.


A common question for many on Centrelink payments is if there is such a thing as credit cards centrelink to which the short answer to that is “no”, however Centrelink does offer some types of cash advance facilities and other varied assistance with such things like Centrelink debt assistance and money assistance for studying.


However, Centrelink does offer a number of centrelink personal loans such as:
•    Advance centrelink payments for pensioners, which can assist with overdue expenses.
•    Austudy centrelink loan for students (*note: which is not a cash advance)
•    Student financial supplement scheme loans – which are unfortunately no longer available.

If you are still paying off an existing loan, please be aware of the repayment structure and that there will of course be interest on the existing loan.

“someone is being paid Centrelink Payments…”

What ever the reason someone is being paid Centrelink Payments, Centrelink pays them on a fortnightly basis and because of what is mentioned above, Centrelink requests a log book to be filled out of what job interviews that person who is receiving Centrelink Payments to prove they are genuinely looking for employment.

“centrelink payments forever!…”

However, there are many people who feel their efforts are somewhat “relaxed” for lack of better terminology. But for those who are more ambitious, yet are feeling like they are fighting an up hill battle trying to get another job, why don’t you give running your own business a try and get out of the 9 – 5 rat race? You could possibly say goodbye to family assistance payout and centrelink payments forever!

To find a Centrelink Office near you, please click on the link below:
•    Centrelink Locations Sydney
•    Centrelink Locations Melbourne
•    Centrelink Offices Brisbane
•    Centrelink Offices Perth

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